Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fine Dining

"Fine Dining" 16x20 oil on panel.  I did this painting for Summerfest in Logan during their annual plein air competition at the beginning of June.  I drive by this dairy farm almost every day and I've always loved the scene of these cows as they feed through the fence each day.  Finally decided to stop and paint it and this was probably my favorite painting so far this year.

Hide and Seek

"Hide and Seek" 16x20 oil on panel.  This is another of the 3 paintings I did for Midway last month.  I thought it was funny watching these cows cling to any shade at all on this big open field and watching the inevitable as I painted because the shade kept disappearing and these cows kept cramming closer and closer together to try and escape the sun.  The idea of "hide and seek" came as I watched the sun expose these cows slowly but surely.

Classic Red

"Classic Red" 16x20 oil on panel.  This painting was one of the paintings I submitted for the Midway Art Association's Plein Air paradise a month ago.  I really tried to simplify the painting to focus more on the natural lines and composition that existed at this awesome red barn in Midway.  I definitely figured some things out doing this painting and got a lot of positive feedback so I must have done something right.

The Wait

"The Wait" 18x24 oil on canvas.  I painted this from a photo shoot of a model named Kaitlyn that I shot with Matt Larson.  We had this amazing lighting coming in from a huge frosted glass window that backlit the model perfectly.  This painting was originally intended to just be a study of soft natural light on a the human form and on fabric and it turned out much better than I expected.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Logan River Winter

"Logan River Winter" 20x24 oil on panel.  I did this painting last winter.  I really painted it more as a study but it came out better than I had originally planned.  This one is currently for sale at Logan Fine Art in Logan, UT.

Patchwork Roof

"Patchwork Roof"  16x20 oil on panel.  I did this painting for Logan Summerfest for their plein air competition in June.  I was happy with how this painting turned out.  I tried to stay a little more basic with this one and focus more on the composition than anything else.  It's simple, but I kinda like it.

Towering Clouds

"Towering Clouds" I did this painting last fall and kept forgetting to put it up.  This one was more of a play on cloud shapes and mimicking trees and clouds to create composition.  This one is currently at Logan Fine Art in Logan, UT.