Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the Road Again

This is one of my favorite paintings I've done so far, it's fresh off the easel and the size is 20x24, oil on panel.  I did the majority of this painting with a knife as well, just like the last painting but this one is much more successful.  I have really been working on moving between soft and hard edges and describing objects in the most  basic way possible.  The mountains in the background are a good example of this.  Just a series of strokes with the knife and you have a mountain.  I love that!  I love seeing progression as well, this painting is a huge step up from the last painting I posted and they were painted a week apart.  That's a confidence booster for sure.

Winter Storm

So I've been slacking again on adding  recent work to this blog.  Forgive me!
This painting is oil on panel and is 16x20, which is a little larger than I usually
do, but  in  a lot of ways it  was easier than the smaller paintings I work on.  I 
painting almost the entire painting with a palette knife and added certain 
strokes where I felt they were needed with a brush.  I'm kind of liking the
gritty feel that the painting maintains when it is done with a knife as opposed 
to a brush.  I'm going to  continue to explore with both tools and see what  I'm
able to do.  I've titled this painting Winter Storm.  One thing you've got to love 
about  Cache Valley is the amount of barns sitting there just waiting to be