Thursday, April 7, 2011

Center and Main

This was my final painting I did for my Senior BFA Exhibition this year.  It's 16x20 oil on panel.  A friend of mine has been waiting for me to do a painting of something in Logan for her son who has served half of his LDS mission in Cache Valley and I decided that this was about as "memorable" a scene as I could find.  I love the fact that Logan hangs on to it's history still and keeps Main St. looking in large part the way it has for 60 years now.

I had to paint it and the thing I love the most about this painting is that it is kind of timeless.  I tried to paint the cars in a simple way that doesn't allow the viewer to determine what era they are from.  The rest of the street lends itself to what makes it truly unique and timeless without me having to do anything special to preserve that feel and atmosphere.

I'm pretty happy with how this painting turned out.  I haven't painted too many "urbanscapes" before so this was a new challenge but I enjoyed it.  Once again I have to throw a shout out to Doug Braithwaite because without his expertise which he has imparted to me freely, I would not be able to pull a painting like this off after only having been painting for the 2 years I've been at it.  Doug, you're the man!

Cindy I hope you enjoy it and I hope Taggart does too!  You are officially my first commission and that is a pretty big deal to me so thank you!  I've had a few more over the last few months so things are starting to pick up, giving my brave wife Danielle some hope that she wasn't completely crazy to marry an artist!